Win Your Spot in the 2-Day/1-Night Trial Tour:
20 Participants to Be Selected by Drawing
Looking for for 20 participants of a trial tour!
We will provide transportation tickets such as Shinkansen and airline tickets!

トライアルツアー参加者募集中! 新幹線チケット等、こちらで支給するので、全国からご応募いただけます!

Join our exciting 2-day/1-night Trial Tour happening on November 24-25!
We're offering 20 lucky participants the chance to enjoy this adventure for free"

If you are interested, please apply from the link at the bottom of the page.
(You will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire, which will take about 3 minutes.).


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★We will provide transportation tickets such as Shinkansen and airline tickets!★
Exceptional Opportunity to Discover Osaka!
Dive deep into the heart of Osaka with our Foreigner Trial Tour, taking place on November 24-25. Explore Osaka's rich culture and history with visits to the Noh stage, Osaka Castle, museums, and Bunraku Theater. Savor the unique flavors of Osaka during dinner.
We offer English earphone guides to ensure a comfortable experience. Don't miss this chance to uncover Osaka's enchantments with us!
Nov 24 and 25, 2023
Meeting place
Shin-Osaka Station, Nov 24, 13:00
Tour Outline
Accommodation: Osaka Tokyu REI Hotel
Theme: Explore Osaka's culture and history
No of participants: 30 foreigners
Rewards: None

November 24, 2023:
13:00: Meeting Point at Shin-Osaka Station
・Noh Stage Experience at Yamamoto Noh Theater
・Guided Tour on the Osaka Castle Ozabune (Hououmaru II)
・Explore Osaka Castle Keep and Learn About the Connection with Noh Plays
・Enjoy Dinner and Immerse Yourself in Osaka's Food Culture
・Experience a Nighttime Performance at Cool Japan Park Osaka
・Overnight Stay at Osaka Tokyu REI Hotel

November 25, 2023
・Visit the Tate Exhibition at Nakanoshima Art Museum
・Participate in Ukiyo-e Printing Experience at Kamigata Ukiyo-e Museum or Explore the Exhibition
・Swap Activities: Ukiyo-e Exhibition at Kamigata Ukiyo-e Museum or Ukiyo-e Printing Experience (Team B)
・Delight in a Flavorful Lunch in the Namba Area
・Attend the Second Performance at the National Bunraku Theatre (Oshu Adachihara)
・Engage in a Discussion
・Tour Conclusion at 17:30
新大阪駅 11月24日13:00
宿泊施設  大阪東急REIホテル
テーマ   大阪の文化と歴史を探求
参加人数  30名の外国人
報酬    なし

・大阪城 天守閣見学と能楽の関係についてのガイド

・上方浮世絵館での浮世絵摺り体験/ または展示見学
・上方浮世絵館での展示見学/ または浮世絵摺り体験

How to apply and proceed

1, Please read the description above.
2, Click the Application form button below and you will be directed to the google survey tool page.
3, Answer the questionnaire.

※As we receive a lot of form, we will contact you as soon as possible if you meet the application requirements and pass the selection process.