Additional some questions – for Sept on-road driving test

    To participate in the test, please complete the short survey below. (Takes 1-2 minutes)

    -The test involves real motorway and public road driving.
    -This 3-hour test includes 1.5 hours of driving.
    -Passengers: 1 participant + 1 experimenter.
    -Car type: NISSAN X-TRAIL (planned).
    -Client provides insurance for all passengers.
    -Mask removal while driving for data measurement.
    -Video recording: Only for data measurement.
    -Test may cancel due to typhoons, heavy rain, etc. No rewards in such cases. Test cancellation: 2000 yen.
    -Fever of 37.2°C+ before/on study day may hinder participation.
    -Temperature check / Hand disinfection before entering venue may be asked at the venue.
    -Your participation is at your risk, efforts for safe environment. Client and our company not liable for COVID-19 infections.