Our company is recruiting and managing the paid volunteer!
This time we are  looking for the tester to measure driving behavior for developing new products purpose.

*Sorry! With strike-through means we have stopped accepting due to enough applications.

・Must have a valid drivers license in JAPAN 
・Age and Gender section
①18~25 : Male (3 people) / Female (3 people)
26~39: Male / Female (1 person)
Male / Female (2 person)
55~: Male / Female (2 person)

・Nationality: Asian, American, European,
・Daily conversation level or more Japanese and English.

Date and Time Aug 27 to Sep. 4 (Weekday only) about 2 hrs
*As we need more participants, we will extend until end of this months.
When we finish arranging the schedule, will let you know ASAP.

1. 10:00~ /2. 13:30~ / 3.16:00~
Destination Near Sanda station(HYOGO)
Compensation 14,000 JPY (including transportation fee)
*This will be paid within a week after the survey. (bank transfer or visit our office)
Notes on this survey ・今回の調査では実際に高速道路を運転していただきます。
In this survey, you will actually drive on the highway.・運転していただく時間は50分程度、車はSUV(エクストレイル)を想定しております。
Driving time will be about 50 minutes and the vehicle will be an SUV(X-trail).・当日は男性2人が同乗いたします。
There will be two male passengers.・運転中はデータ計測のため、マスクを外して運転いただきます。
Remove your mask while driving to measure data.
As a countermeasure against infection, passengers will wear masks and drive with the windows open.・主催者側で同乗者まで対象の保険に加入しておりますので、ご自身で加入いただく必要はございません。保証の内容は後日ご案内させていただきます。
The organizer will take out insurance for all participants, so there is no need to take out insurance on your own. The details of the insurance will be announced at a later date.・データ測定のために車内の動画を撮影させていただきます。
We will take videos for the purpose of data measurement.
We will only use it for the purpose of the survey and will not use it for any other purpose.・当日は運転免許、運転に必要があれば眼鏡・コンタクトレンズをお持ちください。
Please bring your driver’s license and glasses/contact lenses if needed for driving on the day.

In the event of inclement weather such as a typhoon or heavy rain, we may have to cancel the event. In the above cases, we are unable to pay.
*We will compensate the transportation fee (about 2000 jpy)

If you have a fever of more than 37 degrees on the day before or on the day of the survey, then you may not be able to participate in the survey. Please be sure to take your temperature before coming to the site.

There is a possibility that we may take your temperature on the day.

・会場への入室前に、アルコールまたは 次亜塩素酸水などで、消毒をしていただく可能性があります。
You may be asked to disinfect with alcohol before entering the site.

You may be asked to wear a mask during the survey.

You may be asked to put your jacket and luggage in a plastic bag.

・本調査は、皆様が安心して参加いただける環境の整備に努めておりますが、自己責任によるご参加となります。万一新型コロナウィルス感染症に感染された場合でも、 調査主体及び当社は責任を負いかねます。
We are making every effort to provide a safe environment for everyone to participate in the survey, but participation in this survey is at your own risk.
In the event that you are infected with a coronavirus, neither the investigator nor us will be liable.

If you are interested in this survey, please apply  from the form below!

We will get back to you with more details.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Person in charge: hatae@ks-inter.jp

Waiting for your application!