What to Expect from a Paid Clinical Trial

Should You Participate in Paid Clinical Trials?

For those who have never participated in a clinical trial, we understand that it can feel somewhat intimidating, and may make you wonder if you should participate at all. Clinical trial participation is essential to the development of new, life-changing treatments and medicines. We need volunteers like you to help us in our mission to advance global health. That being said, it’s our duty to ensure that you are as informed as possible about what to expect when participating in paid clinical trials.

Screening Visits

If you pre-qualify for one of our paid clinical trials, you’ll be invited to come in for a screening visit. There, you will be provided a document with study information and our Screening staff will fully inform you about the study. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, and your participation is completely voluntary.

If you sign a written consent form, we will perform a few tests to confirm your eligibility for the study you signed up for, based on that study’s specific requirements.

Examples of tests that may be performed are:

Vitals (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature)
Height and weight
Blood draw
Urine sampling
ECG (check for any abnormalities with your heart)
Physical performed by a doctor

You will receive your test results once they are final (typically within 3-5 business days, however, some lab results may take up more days). If your lab results confirm eligibility, you’ll be invited back to our facility to take part in the clinical trial.

Overnight Stays

Some paid clinical trials involve overnight stays. If the study you are participating in involves overnight stays at our facility, you will be checked in at a previously determined date along with other study volunteers like yourself. You’ll have a room to stay in throughout your visit. During the stay, you’ll be administered the investigational medication, and your readings will be regularly monitored to observe your body’s reaction.

During your stay, you will be provided with meals and snacks every day, and you will have access to amenities to help you pass the time (internet, books etc.). For longer stays, you’ll even have the opportunity to visit with friends and family.


We know that helping us in its mission to advance global health is rewarding enough for our volunteers, but there are additional benefits to participating in clinical research. On top of the free study-related care that you’ll receive throughout your participation, such as blood tests, physicals and vital sign readings, participants may be compensated for their time and travel. It is our way of saying thank you for helping us!

Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

We are waiting to gain your help in transforming research and advancing health.

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